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The Best Youth Bureau Programs to Join

By: Gaby Maldonado

WHITE PLAINS--The White Plains Youth Bureau has impacted many lives by helping students develop numerous skills and abilities. Through its various programs, the Youth Bureau has provided students with great opportunities and experiences, and they encourage more high schoolers to participate.

The first program students can join is PAHL, which stands for Peer Advocates for Healthy Living. The goal of this program is to encourage students to develop a healthy lifestyle by learning about mental and physical health. So far, students have tried new foods to add to the school cafeteria, participated in cooking demonstrations, and have heard guest speakers discuss making healthy choices. Students can get paid and earn community service hours by joining, and it meets every Tuesday and Thursday after school. Students can contact Ms. Marescot at for more information.

PAHL program members advocating for healthy living and wellness with the Mayor

Another enticing opportunity is The Mayor's Youth Council. This program addresses the needs of youth, provides community service opportunities, and develops leadership skills among high school students. By collaborating with the New York State Youth Council, this youth council develops strategies that reflect the interests of the community. In the past, students have attended city hall meetings with the mayor, spoken to legislators and government officials, and have gone on field trips to learn about how NY state operates. To learn more and how to join, students can contact Mr. Ríos at

A third dynamic opportunity is Youth Court. Through a peer court, low level crime cases are handled by trained high school students to discuss certain issues. This program is designed for aspiring court officials and those who want to learn more about the court system. High schoolers are encouraged to join if they have an interest in social justice and law. To find out more about the program, students can contact Ms. Jones at

Youth Court at United Nation’s Global Engagement Summit

These are just a few of the many programs students can be a part of to experience new things. For more program options at the White Plains Youth Bureau, visit

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