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Bridging Generations Connects WP Community Members

By Gabriel Bernstein

In today’s age, the gap between generations has grown wider because of advancements in technology, communication, and more. Luckily, Bridging Generations is a vibrant new community service activity involving our thriving student community and our beloved seniors at The Bristal. This conceptual gap between generations can now be closed as Bridging Generations provides teens with community service hours in exchange for assisting and communicating with our local seniors.

Hayley, the founder of Bridging Generations, shared her thoughts on the subject.

“I love my grandparents and I simply wish that others can have that feeling. I made this activity so that seniors and teens can get involved in what I enjoy doing on a daily basis.”

While this might seem trivial, I can assure you that there is value in the efforts made by Bridging Generations. One of which is their success in solving various issues involving generational gaps. Since we live in a different time compared to our predecessors, we have a different culture. Politics, social norms, work ethics, and technology are all different between the past and the present, creating confusion between people of separate generations. If not addressed, generational gaps can impede understanding between seniors and youth.

Bridging Generations sews these loose threads as it permits kids a chance to converse with seniors, learning about their past lives while interpreting their own. Past culture and present culture can now combine to see a future all thanks to Bridging Generations and their generous contributions to our White Plains community.

Bridging Generations meets on Sundays from 2 to 4 p.m. They are located at the Bristal, 305 North Street, White Plains. Email if you wish to apply.

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