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SGO’s Tiger Talks Bring News to WPHS Students 


By Cristina Damato 


Several years ago, the WPHS Student Government Organization (SGO) began filming and broadcasting Tiger Talks. These short videos feature members of the SGO making announcements about school happenings, from spirit weeks to sports announcements to upcoming Tiger Community Days. Initially created during the pandemic, they serve as a valuable resource for students looking to become involved in our school community. 


Lily Onorato, a co-president of the SGO, said, “Tiger Talks began a couple of years ago to maintain our tight-knit community over the pandemic.” She added that they were a response to a decline in school spirit and an effort "to encourage students to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities here at WPHS.” 


Tiger Talk videos are emailed to all staff and posted on the SGO Instagram page (@wphs_sgo). The goal is to make them engaging and entertaining, as well as informative. Lily emphasized that Tiger Talks are meant to be “by students, for students,” so anybody with suggestions about what they would like to see included is encouraged to let the SGO know. 

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