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By Kayla Brogan

This past Thursday night in the library at White Plains High School marked an innovative celebration for the National Art Honor Society’s induction ceremony. The library was transformed into a captivating art gallery, serving as a vibrant testament to the talent and creativity of its members and new inductees. While most induction ceremonies are marked by new members receiving a pin or reciting a pledge, this unique ceremony immersed attendees in a visual stunning display, where each original piece of art showcased creativity.

During the ceremony 54 new and continuous members were inducted. During the ceremony, a few members read their artist statements. Then, all members were called up to receive their certificate and carnation. Seniors also received their multicolor NAHS cords for graduation. Families viewed the art gallery in the library at the end.

Most work displayed in the gallery was crafted outside of NAHS, as the club does not have the time or resources during club time to create paintings or sculptures. However, some members did include digital art they made during club time.

Each display included pieces of artwork along with the artist's "statement," which explained why they created art, the type of artwork they typically create, and how art has influenced them. In her artist statement, member Analise DiGuglielmo said, “I tend to try all different areas of art-like crocheting, drawing, jewelry making, etc. Some of my favorites and constants are usually related to photography/collages. I love using both digital and film cameras.” She also stated, “There is no right answer to creating art. Any interpretation is allowed.” This seemed to be the theme throughout the entire gallery as every display showcased a variety of art from abstract paintings to film photography.

This year the club met on Thursdays in the library from 2:45–3:30 and ran from the end of September to the beginning of May. This year, there was also an option to participate from home for students who played sports or had other conflicts. Students could check out the slides and do that art-making task that gave them attendance credit.

To be in White Plains High School’s National Art Honor Society you must be in 10th–12th grade, however next year it is changing to 11th–12th only. Members must also maintain a B or higher in all their art classes to be eligible. Once inducted, members must participate in club meetings, create a craft for the WPHS Craft Fair, participate in the group's community service project, and put art into the group in-person show and digital show.

Meetings are typically used to plan events like the Craft Fair, to create art, and even to play art games. Ms. Berrios, the club's advisor, said, “There are a lot of art opportunities for art contests, shows, and volunteer opportunities outside of any community service events we plan together.”


When asked about the Craft Fair Ms. Berrios said, “Preparing for the Craft Fair is our focus for many sessions during the beginning of the year. The Craft Fair is a fundraising event run by the WPHS PTA. Our students made crafts like greeting cards, jewelry, buttons, stickers, scarves, plushies, hair clips and more. They learn how to package and price their items. It is a great fundraising event for our club, and it's great to see their fine arts skills translated into something very practical. I bought a couple of the items. I get so many compliments on Isabel Hoch's earrings, Isabella Gallo's buttons, and the friendship bracelet rat keychain by Diane Ramos!”


The club’s final meeting this year is May 2nd. They will take down art and play an art game.



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