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Senior Class Hosts Successful Senior Sunrise

By Eva Mandelbaum

On Friday the 13th of October, members of the Class of 2024 gathered on the muddy soccer field at 6:50 a.m. for Senior Sunrise, a nostalgic and emotion-filled senior tradition. The event, which is hosted every year at WPHS, symbolizes new beginnings: a fresh, beautiful start to senior year.

Senior Amber Lau explained that she thought the Senior Sunrise was "a very successful event and everyone seemed to be having a good time.”

This year’s event was special: an impressive 200 students RSVP'd. While watching the sunrise, many students who attended chatted over bagels and other treats that were generously donated by Wegman’s.

There is no doubt that seniors lucked out with idyllic weather. A clear and crisp morning made for a beautiful sunrise—and students bundled up in cozy clothing and blankets. While the promise of free breakfast was a major selling point for many students to attend (as Senior Allison Porcelli said, “It was fun eating dessert for breakfast!”), the shared sense of emotion of starting senior year together became evident as students chatted, took photos, and spent time enjoying the sunrise together. Being at school before first period is difficult, but many students bravely made the trek down to the field on a dark and cold Friday morning. And according to most attendees, it was worth it.

As Senior Leah Dennis said, “Senior Sunrise went just as I hoped. It was a great time seeing friends, enjoying breakfast, and watching the beautiful sunrise. It was so nice to see the grade coming together for the first of many fun senior events!”

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