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No Place For Hate Event Unifies WPHS Community  

By: Alisha Ahmed  


During the Tiger Community time on Dec. 21, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and Jewish Culture Club (JCC) hosted the No Place for Hate event. Both clubs collaborated and created No Place for Hate posters, and students signed their names as a sign of unity.   


Over the past few years, White Plains High School has been recognized as a “No Place for Hate,” and we want to continue this recognition going forward. We are all very lucky to go to White Plains High School, as it is one of the most diverse schools in Westchester County; seventy-eight percent of the students are from a minority population. We all come from different backgrounds, and it is important to recognize that our differences are what make us unique and special. In this school, we have students with roots tied to Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Turkey, Colombia, Morocco, Egypt, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Somalia, and many other places. Not every school is as diverse as we are, and we should take this opportunity to connect and learn about different cultures and ethnicities. Despite our differences, we must stick with one another, encourage one another, and work together to overcome obstacles. White Plains High School is a place where students feel safe and accepted. Our goal for White Plains High School is to remain a school where the students unite as one.   


The MSA and JCC had tables right next to each other in the main C corridor. The Songwriter's Club was also at the event and Sabrina Mondschein (president of the JCC) sang a song. I have the honor of being the president of MSA and spoke about peace and how WPHS must come together as one. Along with the songs and speeches, the MSA did a henna event, where students were able to get their henna done by members of the MSA, and the JCC hosted dreidel games. Simultaneously, MSA members wrote inspirational messages on Post-its for WPHS students to read. Ms. Weston created a heart shape with the Post-its and displayed the heart near the main office.  


Overall, the No Place for Hate was successful, and both clubs thought it was a wonderful experience to work together and are excited to do more collaborations in the future.   

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