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NHS Rolls Out New and Improved Study Center

By Gabriel Bernstein

As we begin a new school year with our shiny new iPads, sharpened pencils, and empty notebooks at the ready ready, the WPHS student body is ready to do what it takes to overcome the various challenges that our school curriculum presents. As expected, there will often be those select few math problems or that issue with the upcoming history exam that will make you ask, “Should I drop the class?” Luckily, the WPHS National Honor Society has you covered. The NHS tutors will once again be providing tutoring services every period of the day in their brand new location off the library.

NHS is happy to announce that they have left behind the cramped space in the corner of the library and have replaced it with a dedicated study center filled with students who are ready to support you in all subjects.

Students should go to the study center at the beginning of the period and sign in at the library door. From there they can hook a left into the study center where tutors are eagerly waiting to help. The advisors have implemented a QR code system for both the students who require tutoring and for the tutors themselves. This system will ensure that the tutors get the credit they earn for community service hours as well as enable the students being tutored to provide valuable feedback. Tutors have designated certain periods to the study center throughout the day to guarantee that there will always be a hand reaching out to help.

Ms. Simmons, NHS co-advisor shared her thoughts about the new center.

“The new NHS tutoring system is now housed in a private, quiet room, and it is so much better than previous years," Simmons said. "The center is stocked with resources students may need when studying, including the most important resource: tutors!”

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