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Mean Girls Cast Hits the High Notes Harder than the Bus Hit Regina George

By Emma Dognin


            From movie to musical back to movie, the latest adaption of iconic movie "Mean Girls" came out this January. Most of us probably know or have heard of "Mean Girls," but for those of us who don’t, the film follows Cady Heron, a high school student who was previously homeschooled, as she makes her journey in public high school. Cady Heron falls into a popular, toxic clique of girls that are referred to as the Plastics consisting of Regina George, Gretchen Wieners and Karen Shetty. When she first learns about the Plastics from her friends, Janis and Damian, she is appalled by how the Plastics could have control over the school. But after the Plastics invite her to sit at their table, Cady and her friends think it would be funny to cause chaos within the friend group and target the reputation and almost celebrity status of Regina George, the Plastics leader. Their plan at first is successful but then Cady finds herself falling into the popularity and becoming like them.  

             The film is a fun parody of high school cliques and the difficult girls we’ve all had to deal with before — though hopefully none as difficult as Regina George! The film is perfectly pink and glossed, staying true to some iconic lines such as “On Wednesdays we wear pink!” It allows for some of the same joy for those of us who know and love the original, yet also presents a more modernized version of the classic.

 This adaptation of the film is a musical adaptation of the 2004 "Mean Girls," which starred actresses Lindsey Lohan (Cady Heron) and Rachel McAdams (Regina George). The 2024 "Mean Girls" stars Angourie Rice (Cady Heron) and Reneé Rapp (Regina George). Though it is hard to have the same level of greatness as Rachel McAdams’ Regina George who is the number one ice queen, Reneé Rapp’s Regina George is definitely iconic. Reneé Rapp’s Regina is toxic and predatory like a lion, but despite this she still exudes a strong sense of coolness, making viewers feel as though they either want to be like her or be with her. Additionally, her voice is incredible; she certainly can hit the high notes, and all the notes in between — though her voice is breathy, it still commands power, making it perfect for the character.

  Compared to the Broadway version there were certainly fewer songs which may have understandably upset some theater fans. However, there were still some of the classic songs such as "World Burn," and "Revenge Party." Overall, the film is a hilariously funny blend of musical and movie.

  The cast had a good blend of familiar faces such as Tina Fey ( Ms. Norbury), Jenna Fischer (Ms. Heron) and Auliʻi Cravalho (Janis). (You may recognize her voice from Moana). The cast also includes new faces such as Jacquel Spivey (as Damian).

  Overall, the film is a fun take on high-school and mean girl clichés and definitely worth the watch for the laughs and to see actresses like Reneé Rapp take the spotlight!

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