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Course Fair Presents New Elective Options to Students

By Cristina Damato

White Plains High School offers almost 400 courses, but often students don’t know about all the options available to them. To remedy this, all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors attended a course fair during their English classes on Thursday, February 1 and Friday, February 2.

Located in the library, the event consisted of poster boards advertising electives, with teachers standing by to provide information. Multiple electives from several different departments were represented, including some new options for next year. At many stations, students who had taken the class were also present to field any questions. New electives include a SUPA Writing Culture class, 21st Century Literature, and dual enrollment for 4H language classes. There is also hope that the second half of the Incubator EDU class can be launched, which focuses on business and entrepreneurship.

According to Ms. Hall, the purpose of the course fair was to give students more exposure to available courses and allow them to hear about them from the teachers who teach them and the students who take them. Hopefully, this will allow students to make more informed decisions about their schedules and reduce the number of people dropping courses. It also was designed to ignite excitement in students and persuade them to take full advantage of the wide variety of courses that the school offers.

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