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Club Spotlight: Girl Talk

By Anna Tender

Girl Talk is an international organization that seeks to foster a relationship between girls in the high school and middle school girls through mentorship and community service. Four years ago, this program was brought to White Plains High School in an attempt to aide girls at Highlands in preparing for freshman year. Since Girl Talk was launched, many have made a successful transition into high school with the help of the program.

At meetings, students discuss topics ranging from friendship and relationships to cyberbullying and learning how to study. The club also allows middle school girls to address the apprehension that comes with entering high school by asking questions to their mentors.

As one former Girl Talk member describes, “This club really allowed me to connect with older girls once I got to high school. This made the transition from Highlands a lot less intimidating as I knew there were people that were friendly and willing to show me around the halls. I also became more confident in myself and learned more about my classmates through Girl Talk.”

The experience is extremely validating for high schoolers as it provides a means to do community service and the chance to become a positive role model for our school district’s younger girls. Ms. Murphy, the club’s high school advisor has been elated to see the amount of middle school girls who are interested in being mentored.

The club “Girl Talk” is one way students at White Plains are able to give back to their community and become positive elements of change for a younger generation of girls.

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