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Songwriters Cover Showcase

By: Gaby Maldonado

WHITE PLAINS-- On March 17 and 18, the Songwriter’s Club returned with another cover showcase, putting their own special spin on iconic songs to create memorable performances. Whether it was indie pop, jazz, soul, or rap, students sang with talent and enthusiasm, demonstrating the full scope of their vocal abilities.

“We’re an outlet for musicians to play in front of their friends and family — to prepare for a life as a musician or just, you know, have fun,” said committee member Christian Sese. “Tonight, we’re playing songs that we have not written, but we love, and hopefully you guys love, with a little bit of our own spice and flare where we can” explained Noah Maitland.

Students gave these songs a new life, and it was clear that they loved performing them. One of the first performances that stood out to me was Laufey’s “Let You Break My Heart Again” sung by Sheyla Hernandez with Jorge Espinoza on the guitar and Lucas Rhode on the violin. The second Sheyla began to sing, I instantly got chills. Her gorgeous and raw voice was so incredible that it left me in awe. Toward the end of her performance, she became emotional, and since she had so much control over her voice, the song's emotion became so much more significant. At the end of her performance, her fellow club members ran up to hug her and it was just a beautiful moment.

Another song that I really enjoyed was Lauren Garcia's rendition of Van Halen’s “You Really Got Me” which she performed with Christian Sese on guitar, Evan Schwartz on bass, and Frankie Flora on drums. In addition to Lauren's powerful voice, she also commanded the stage with a remarkable presence. Moving around the stage, she interacted with the audience and presented herself with confidence. The rock song really fit her voice and the performance was electrifying. Malisa Trueblood’s performance of “Nakaniwa No Shoujotachi” by SHISHAMO with Elika Trueblood on guitar, Milla Telesmanic on bass, and Amara Woods on drums was spectacular. Malisa's powerful voice, coupled with the uplifting tunes of the band, made the performance very enjoyable. Malisa's energetic dances had everyone up and dancing and a fun vibe filled the room.

Finally, I loved “Fightman” performed by Evan Schwartz on bass, Christian Sese on guitar, Kei Watanabe on keys, and Matt Welling on drums. I loved this performance because there were solo moments where each person got to show off their skills. This highlighted each performer's individual talents, making the overall performance even more impressive.

Whether it was a guitar riff, fast drumbeats, or catchy keyboard sounds, everyone brought their all into the performance. The videographer, gaffers, and sound and light engineers were vital to the showcase's success. Their dedication and hard work were essential to creating a fantastic showcase.

The next songwriters' showcase will take place in May, where students will present their original pieces.

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