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Class of 2024 May Updates

By Leah Dennis

Earlier this month, the Class of 2024 officers ran a successful concession stand at the Loucks track meet. Student and parent volunteers helped to grill for the large crowd that showed up at the meet. The officers also recently sold food and drinks at the SGO movie night.

Looking to next month, the senior trip is June 23rd. The trip is to Six Flags New England, and students will have access to the rollercoasters as well as the water park. The ticket sale recently finished, and included with the ticket is a free lunch at the park. Those who purchased tickets should be sure to scan the QR code on the information sheet to fill out important information. All students attending must wear the provided tee shirt and will be required to stay with their chosen groups. Other than check-ins throughout the day with the chaperones, groups will explore the park on their own.

Students looking to get involved senior year, should be aware that we are opening several new chair positions for student government. To learn more, keep an eye out for information about a mandatory meeting in the coming weeks.

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