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Advice: Picking Classes for Junior Year

---by Lauren Azrin

Honestly, picking classes for junior year was the hardest year for me to make this decision. Many of my peers were taking 3 or 4 AP’s, and the thought of which ones to take, let alone if I wanted to do that at all, really confused me. This daunting task took me months of contemplation, but the turmoil was worth it for me because I feel great about the choices I’ve made. My biggest piece of advice for sophomores right now would be to be realistic about what you know you can do. Not only will you have these tough classes to deal with, but junior year is also when you begin studying and taking the SAT or ACT and begin thinking about your plan for college, all on top of extracurriculars. What makes me satisfied with my decision is that I feel balanced with my classes. There’s never been a night where I felt so overwhelmed that I spent all night doing homework, even though I am taking 3 AP classes. Thinking about what you can handle and talking to teachers and students about what the courses that you are considering require in terms of workload is a great way to make this decision. Also, think about what interests you when considering electives or courses where you have options; it’s great to push yourself, but not if that drives you to sit through a class you can’t tolerate for the next year. Knowing yourself and your strengths and weaknesses is the best way to make these decisions. If you struggle in history, then instead of taking AP US history, take SUPA or regents. If you don’t love math, you can consider AP biology or anatomy instead of physics. Think it through and consider all your options, and your junior-year-self will thank you.

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