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Mom's Mac and Cheese

--Sophia Alexandrou

If one took the feeling of laughing with family members around a holiday dinner that took all day to cook, and made it into a dish, it would be my mother’s mac-and-cheese. The combination of carbohydrates, cheese, and bacon trigger the warmest feelings and memories. However, due to the abundance of ingredients it requires and its time-consuming nature, this dish does not get made very often. Only during birthdays and holidays does my family get to enjoy it. However, this only makes it more special. Every time I eat it, I think of cracking up with my cousins at the end of the dinner table in New Hampshire while watching the snow fall on New Year's Eve. I think of reminiscing about the memories made in the past year with my family on Christmas day. I think of finally being able to celebrate my birthday after a long day of school. This dish is the epitome of a comfort food not only because of how good it tastes, but also because of the memories brought back with every bite.

*Do you have a favorite food or a family recipe that evokes feelings of home, comfort, and/or joy? If so, tell us about it. Submit your story to

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