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Fifty Songs to Make Studying Less Painful: A Playlist

By Hannah Fuchs

We all know that our classes, homework, projects and tests can get extremely overwhelming! Luckily, The Orange has compiled a playlist of fifty songs to help you focus and de-stress. Discovering new music is a great way to pass time and this playlist contains a wide variety of artists and genres. Here is a glimpse into ten favorites:

“Brazil” by Declan McKenna: This song is one of my personal favorites. McKenna’s raspy voice certainly adds to the ambiance of this whimsical song. With strong guitar and drum beats combined with faint electronic sounds,“Brazil” is likely to be a new favorite for those who are fans of chill indie-rock.

“ocean eyes” by Billie Eilish: “ocean eyes” is a reflective, relaxing and emotional song. Eilish, who is only sixteen, showcases her vocal talents in this simple track off of her 2017 EP don’t smile at me that is sure to resonate with the listener.

“Driving to Hawaii” by Summer Salt: “Driving to Hawaii” is a perfect song for when all you wish you were relaxing on the beach, free from stress. Light guitar strumming and surfer-guy vocals make this breezy song a fun choice.

“Prune, You Talk Funny” by Gus Dapperton: “Prune, You Talk Funny” is one of the more “true indie” songs on the playlist, coupling a bouncy electronic instrumental with Dapperton’s unique vocals to create a mellow bop.

“Mykonos” by Fleet Foxes: “Mykonos” is simply produced and has slight “folksy” undertones. This is a particularly fun song because it has a beat/tempo change around halfway through, a pleasant surprise for listeners!

“Loving is Easy” by Rex Orange County: Another one of my personal favorite songs and artists, “Loving is Easy” is one of Rex’s more lighthearted, “get up and dance” songs with a catchy instrumental sure to make the listener press replay.

“Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson: Spotify calls Johnson the “21st century kingpin of beachside pop/rock”, a description epitomized by one of his most popular songs, “Banana Pancakes”. Johnson’s signature ukulele is a standout, and the rain sounds in the first few seconds make this song one of the most calming and chill on the whole playlist.

“Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chili Peppers: While RHCP is known for being one of America’s most iconic rock bands, with head-banging bass riffs and frontman Anthony Kiedis’s signature rap-speed vocals, “Snow” is a refreshing stripped-down track. The subdued bassline is contrasted by airy flute, maintaining a surefire rock vibe with a mellow twist.

“A World Alone” by Lorde: The final track from her 2013 album Pure Heroine, “A World Alone” is instrumentally simple, allowing Lorde’s powerful vocals to take center stage. Lorde encourages the listener to stop caring so much about what others think and that personal independence is essential, an uplifting and resonant message.

“Warwick Avenue” by Duffy: “Warwick Avenue” highlights Duffy’s soulful vocals, which are reminiscent of Motown and swing music from past decades.

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