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WPHS Welcomes Famed Journalist Danny Gold

October 17, 2018

by Ana N. Ryder

WPHS grad and journalist, Danny Gold

White Plains High School is noted for some famous alumni: football player, Art Monk; president of Turner Broadcasting, David Levy; and attorney and broadcast commentator, Lawrence Otis Graham, to name a few. On Wednesday, the school was visited by a future Hall of Fame inductee, journalist Danny Gold.

Danny Gold, a member of the WPHS Class of 2001 is an American journalist and documentary producer. He is best known for his reporting on gang violence in El Salvador and for his role as founding producer and host for VICE news. He has reported from many dangerous and politically charged areas in the world such as Syria, Gaza, El Salvador, Liberia, Myanmar, and Iraq. He focuses on organized crime, conflicts, and crises.

Gold will spend the day meeting with the journalism, human rights, AVID, and public policy classes, as well as with the staff of The Orange. For more information about this amazing alum, visit his website at

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