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WPHS Science Research Program Spotlight

By Lauren Azrin

Are you a freshman interested in conducting your own research in a field of your choice? Apply to the White Plains High School Science Research program! The program is currently accepting applications, and is a great way to explore areas you are passionate about.

The Science Research Program at WPHS is a 3-year Honors Science Elective where students get to pursue their own independent research project. After reading scientific journal articles on a chosen topic and communicating with experts in their field of interest, students work with a mentor to conduct their own original research.

Much of the research project is conducted during the summer, but varies based on each student’s individual research design; some students may work in a lab at a local university, while some may communicate with a mentor throughout the year to collect data.

By senior year, Science Research students complete a research project with their own data, data analysis, and conclusions. The students then get to present their findings in class and at competitions, in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, poster presentation, and senior research paper.

One very unique thing about the program is its strong emphasis on autonomy and presentation skills. There are no formal tests, and students largely work on their own, submitting a presentation that is assessed quarterly.

Another great opportunity that the program provides is the option to earn up to 12 college credits through the SUNY Albany University in the High School (UHS) Program in junior and senior year.

If this all sounds like it might be for you, apply now! Applications are now open for freshmen. The first step in the application process is completing this form.

Lastly, if you want to hear current WPHS Science Research students talk about their experiences in the program, click here to watch this year’s recruitment video.

Contact WPHS Science Research Teacher, Kimberly Fleming, at, for more information or with any questions.

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