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WPHS Production of “Mama Mia!” Dazzles Viewers

By Eva Mandelbaum

From February 3 to February 5, White Plains High School’s production of “Mama Mia!” wowed the White Plains community. The show dazzled viewers with exciting musical numbers, bright and colorful costumes and set, and of course, WPHS’s very own talented and hardworking actors who have dedicated countless hours and late nights to perfecting the show.

“I really liked working with the cast because everyone had something different to bring to the show,” Riley Westlund, a freshman who played a Taverna staff member/Islander, said. “I feel really amazing like I’ve accomplished a lot.”

Malisa Trueblood, a senior who played Tanya, said, “I think it’s just really fun to perform with other people who also really like to perform, and it’s just really fun to share your passion with the world and with other people,” she shared.

Leading mother-daughter duo Zoe Gopoian (Sophie Sheridan) and Sophia Emmert (Donna Sheridan) stole the show with their angelic singing, and Lance Anthony, who plays Sophie’s love interest (Sky) was a true tour-de-force with his confident stage presence.

Malisa Trueblood (Tanya), Mia Caridi (Rosie), Olivia Perretto (Lisa), and Anissa Bagby (Ali) were all hilarious and created several show-stopping moments. Other leading actors including Michael Caridi (Sam Carmichael), Noah Maitland (Harry Bright), and Kharan Cidambi (Bill Austin)—who played Sophie’s potential fathers—in addition to Thomas Keegan (Pepper), Liam Keane (Eddie), and Rico Rivera (Father Alexandrios), truly immersed themselves in their roles and got many laughs out of the audience. All Taverna staff members/islanders amazed audience members with their dance moves and vocals.

The show would not have been possible without the incredible pit led by Mr. Casity, or the stage crew of hardworking students who sacrificed their free periods to help build the set on the days leading up to the show. There is no doubt that everyone put their all into this exciting and fun musical, and all audience members seem to agree.

Arin Dean, a WPHS sophomore said, “I loved it so much. I love ABBA so I knew all of the songs. It was really good. I loved the end and it was really fun.”

Leah Dennis, a junior at WPHS, agreed: “I thought it was really great I feel like everyone is really talented. My favorite part was the end scene when they were all dancing together and with the little tap dance. I think it was really good,” she said.

Milla Telesmanic, a WPHS junior shared that the show was “amazing, out of this world, “and “beyond [her] expectations.”

The musical even brought many alumni back to White Plains. Amy Mandelbaum, who previously participated in WPHS musicals, said, “I’m feeling extremely extremely proud of all of my friends who I performed with here. I thought it was an amazing show.”

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