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WPHS Celebrates its Seniors at College Signing Event

By Eva Mandelbaum

On April 29, 2022, White Plains High School honored college-bound seniors at a college signing event. This event was one filled with excitement for the future and nostalgia among the seniors who will be saying goodbye to WPHS in June. Seniors have many plans in store and this event, where seniors got treats including cupcakes and had the chance to sign their name on a sheet with the name of their college, made this seem even more tangible.  

Not only are White Plains High School’s students culturally diverse, but with prospective majors ranging from neuroscience to musical theatre, there’s no doubt that WPHS’s seniors are diverse in their interests and talents as well, and simply conversing with a few of these seniors showed just this. 

“I’m going to the University at Buffalo and I’m going in undecided, but I want to do business analytics. I’m looking forward to getting to know a new place and getting out of my comfort zone and learning more about myself,” one student shared. Another shares this excitement about branching out when going to college. “I’ve committed to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I love college so much and I think it’s going to be the most wonderful experience to ever happen to me in my life,” he exclaimed.  

“I’m majoring in neuroscience at URI...and I just want to get away from my mom,” one student shared with a laugh. Jokes aside, he emphasized an important point and sent the message that with hard work, anything is possible. “That’s all I want to do. If you put in the work, then you’ll get where you want to be,” he said. 

“I will be going to Binghamton, and I will be majoring in philosophy, politics, and law. I’m nervous and excited about getting away from home because I’ve always been very homesick, but I feel like now’s the best time to push off and get out and hopefully there will be a lot for me up in Binghamton so I’m looking forward to it,” shared an enthusiastic senior. Another added, “I’m going to college for environmental science and I’m hoping to work for the National Parks Service.”  

One student, who will be attending Fairfield University for biomedical or mechanical engineering said, “I’m excited to meet new people and just get a new experience and more education in my field and that I’ll be better prepared for my future.” Another added, “After high school I am going to Manhattan College and hopefully getting a good job and an internship in the city.” 

Aside from looking ahead and hoping for jobs, many students are looking forward to having a good time too. “I’m mostly excited for the parties,” one student exclaimed. “And the food too...I think the food’s pretty good [at college],” his friend added. When asked if they feel ready for college, without any hesitation, he replied, “Yeah. 100 percent WPHS has prepared me for college.”  

In addition to the experience, students are looking forward to the change of scenery that comes along with college. One student who’s going to Muhlenberg is “excited to be in a new community and in a new city.” A Spelman-bound student shared, “I’m excited about the’s near water so it’s really pretty,” and a future Musical Theatre student at SUNY Geneseo emphasized that she’s excited about a new environment too. 

When asked if they feel as though WPHS has prepared them for college, almost all students feel that between WPHS’s AP classes, guidance counselors, teachers, and other resources combined with pushing themselves to work hard and take advantage of these resources and opportunities, they’ll be just fine. “It definitely has prepared me because of all of the diversity I’ve experienced and all of the friendships I’ve had in addition to the diversity of classes that I’ve gotten to attend,” one senior shared. Another explained, “Honestly, it depends on the teachers you have, it’s a lot of luck. I think my teachers prepared me really well, but White Plains is what you make of it, and you can prepare yourself really well. It gives you everything you need to prepare yourself.” 

With plenty of excitement and new experiences in store, whatever their post-high school plans may be, we could not possibly be more WP Proud of all our tigers who are graduating next month.

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