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Why we should continue reading "Of Mice and Men" and other classics

By Chloe Tender

There are books that you simply read, and there are books that leave an impact on you for the rest of your life. The classic novella “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinback exemplifies the true meaning of life, and how dreams, hope and hardships can help one see the future in a new light. Racism, discrimination and lack of understanding of people with disabilities are all important topics highlighted in this classic. This book has taught me that the hardest decisions are the ones that involve people you care about.

The main character, George, suffers through an internal conflict while having to decide whether to disown his best friend, Lennie, or to continue to take care of him. This book has made me think about how the time setting of the Great Depression really effected how daily life went. Classical books can even impact the present lives of teens today. Classic books have shaped the way I️ live today and how I️ should always show sympathy towards others. People like Curley’s wife were truly lonely and troubled. Her character has made people realize that some are just unhappy with their lives. The diction used by Steinback truly exhibits the pain felt by the characters, as well as their internal and external conflicts. OLD books can make NEW impact. Just because a book might be older, it still has the ability to affect the lives of young people everywhere.

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