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White Plains Reacts to Infinity War

By Melanie Varela

Avengers: Infinity War has been one of the most talked about films of 2018 so far. Surpassing Black Panther's presale ticket record, breaking the MCU Thursday record, and more since, Infinity War will stand as one of the most anticipated movies in history. Since so many people have seen the movie since the premiere, a mere review would simply not suffice, a collection of reactions from students and staff from WPHS was taken.

Warning: If you haven't watched the movie yet, please do not blame The Orange if any spoilers are included in the proceeding reactions.

"For true avengers fans, this movie will be a rollercoaster ride. The thought of it may be scary, but you just have to focus on the fun parts." Anonymous
"In 1798 Thomas Malthus, a critic of population growth echoed Thanos’ ideology; 'The superior power of population cannot be checked without producing misery or vice.' Thomas searched for balance, Thanos provided a catharses." Mr. Orrego
"It’s was really good, but I didn't know what was going on entirely because I haven't watched any of the other Marvel movies, but I was definitely still entertained." Yocelin Fernandez, 12th grade
"Wanda should’ve been there since the beginning. If you know, you know." Lori Sierra, 12th grade
"Infinity War is a culmination of 10 years of movie making. It’s the perfect combination of humor and emotional impact, designed to keep you laughing and then in tears. Bring tissues." Diana Velasquez, 11th grade
"This movie is officially eternally bound to my heart." Anonymous
"I loved the movie, I used to hate superhero movies but I think I changed my mind." Pedro Flores, 12th grade
"The movie “Avengers Infinity War” was a captivating movie having every fight scene a must watch. These movies are evolving and its a great thing, especially the jokes and many references." James S, 9th grade
"Go watch it, it’s awesome. Only half of the spoilers are true." Chris Magallona, 12th grade
"For the 20 minutes following the movie, I was in shock. My jaw dropped, I couldn't eat." George Kalyvas, 12th grade
"Dope." Chris Iannace, 11th grade
"Infinity War was a great movie! It has many easter eggs that relate to the comics. The ending leaves you with many questions. If you are going to see Infinity War, make sure you bring tissues!" Anonymous
"Spiderman made me cry." Jack Friend, 12th grade
"I don’t feel so good." Camilo Villavicencio, 12th grade
"In the climax scene I didn't even process what had happened until the next scene." Ryan Grafman, 11th grade
"ASHOOKEN" Anna Tender, 12th grade
"Infinity War? What is that?" Ms. LoScalzo
"The purpose of infinity war was solely to support the fact that Chris Hemsworth is hot." John Tiburzi, 12th grade
"Infinity War in my opinion is one of the greatest movies if not then the best marvel movie. It contained a lot of action and suspense." Anonymous
"My favorite scene was the fight scene featuring the Guardians, Ironman, and Spiderman." Kayla Adjei, 12th grade
"It’s a very difficult movie to make. Given the enormity of the task, I think they (Marvel Team) did a great job." Mr. Joseph
"I was overwhelmed by the amounts of coffee powder in this movie." Agon Shehu, 12th grade
"I was highly disappointed and I only saw 3 marvel movies and a 15 minute recap, I will never watch another Marvel movie again." Tayya Johnson, 12th grade
"After Infinity War...ion (I don't) feel so good." Mikey Cirillo, 10th grade

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