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Tips for Midterms!

By Lauren Azrin

With midterms coming up, it can be easy to let the stress overwhelm you. Here are some tips to help you relax and prepare.

1. Re-take old tests for practice because they most likely give good examples of midterm questions.

2. Use that review sheet! Your teacher gave it to you for a reason.

3. Review every night so you don’t feel overwhelmed when cramming the night before the test.

4. Make flashcards or quizlet sets with key information and vocabulary.

5. If there are any concepts you don’t understand, meet with your teachers at lunch or after class.

Make sure to relax, eat a protein-packed breakfast, wear comfy clothes, and get a good night's sleep before all of your tests. Good luck Tigers -- we’ve got this!

And if all else fails, remember it’s only worth 4% of your grade.

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