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The Songwriters Showcase was Fire

By: Gaby Maldonado

Last Saturday and Sunday night, the Songwriter’s Club returned to the stage for its 23rd year of music in the Little Theater. Their first show of the year featured 21 songs from various genres. Whether you're into hard rock, love songs, or feel-good dance music, these showcases are sure to fascinate you.

The Songwriter’s Club is a collaborative group of high-spirited musicians at White Plains High School. At the showcase, the unmistakable sense of community was evident. After each group performed, students in the audience ran up to them to applaud them for their performance. By cheering them on and shouting "That was fire," it was clear that the members of the Songwriter’s Club have an amazing bond with one another.

Among the great performances was Mallory Moreno's rendition of Bruno Mars' "Put on a Smile" with Emmanuel Orozco, Milla Telesmanic, and Matt Welling playing instruments. Mallory's sweet-sounding voice, amazing high notes, and classy outfit made her shine on stage. Deftones' "My Own Summer" was performed by Zoey Tutein, Saul Leon, Charis Choi, Ollie Verdi, and Christian Sese. It was one of the most breathtaking performances of the night and lead vocalist Zoey executed the emotion of the song in such a striking way that it left the audience wonderstruck.

Laura Hibbert, Jose Rosas Tomas, Evan Schwartz, Frankie Flora, and Christian Sese hit the stage with "Poison" by Bell Div Devoe. It was the combination of the incredible bass line, the rattling rhythm, the vocal harmony, and the catchy melodies that made the performance stand out.

Known for wearing his signature beanies, Gabe Korin took his hat off and let his hair down for the final act of the night. He performed Kendrick Lamar’s “Count Me Out” with Nathan Dasilva and Matt Welling. Every performer got up to dance and hype up his performance which created a fun atmosphere in the theater.

The showcase would not have been possible without the 21 acts of talented students. Mr. Polanco, the Songwriter’s Club Advisor, was immensely proud of all the groups. “I’d say 98% of the people on the stage today are playing for their first time at the High School post-pandemic. This is a new experience for them; it’s like an epiphany. It’s beautiful,” he stated. Their next showcase is in December, where we will get to see them play their original songs.

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