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The School for Good and Evil Delights

By Amber Lau

Featuring actresses Sophia Anna Caruso and Sofia Wylie, "The School for Good and Evil" is a recent addition to Netflix’s fantasy category. Based on its novel, “The School for Good and Evil” movie portrays various messages about good, evil, truth, lies, love, and friendship through a complex plot and adventurous characters. This is an enjoyable movie for young teens who find a fascination with fantasy and fairytales. The action packed story keeps its audience on the edge of their seats when viewing, while also allowing them to connect with the compelling characters. If you are open to watching a bizarre but enchanting journey full of action, this recent film is for you.

"The School for Good and Evil" starts off in the village of Gavaldon, where two girls, Sophie and Agatha, become best friends. Sophie is obsessed with becoming a princess like she observes in fairytales, while Agatha is often bullied by her peers and seen as the town’s witch. One day, they are taken from their town and brought to the School for Good and Evil where gifted students are trained to protect the balance between heroes and villains. However, the spirits unexpectedly place Sophie in the School for Evil despite her wishes and her best friend in the opposing school. While exploring this new setting, both characters are determined to be released from their schools but are faced with many obstacles that challenge their friendship with one another.

Ever since childhood, Sophie and Agatha have always been on each other’s sides, and their unbreakable bond had always allowed them to be themselves despite what others said. However, their placement into opposing schools messes with their minds, making them believe that maybe they are too different to be friends. In an epic battle between the schools of good and evil, the two friends’ trust, loyalty, and honesty are tested. They both must make enormous sacrifices, whether it be a potential soulmate or the possibility to obtain all the power in the world, in order to escape this fantasy while maintaining their friendship.

“The School for Good and Evil” is a fascinating movie, and well worth watching if you crave adventure, action, enchantment, and wholesome friendship content all at once. At certain times of the movie, there were some undeniably dark scenes, so if you dislike mysterious and slightly violent films, this might not be for you. Despite this, the story had what an audience may call a satisfying finish, with the main characters achieving a happy ending. This movie was a definite rollercoaster of emotions, but it was extremely exhilarating to ride alongside the inspiring characters throughout their journey.

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