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By Lauren Azrin

Friday’s in downtown White Plains offers a family friendly and relaxed environment for any casual meal. The American style food is not only tasty but very homey.

My friends and I ordered the mozzarella sticks which oozed out a sizzling cheese that melted in our mouths. When we ate the chicken fingers, the crispiness and the warm chicken followed up with a burst of flavor. The crunchy fries had a unique spice that left you reaching into the bowl for more and more.

For dessert, we followed up with Oreo milkshakes. The creaminess left us overwhelmed with joy. The crunch of an Oreo as the shake swirled up the straw was a surprise and a perfect way to complete our meal.

Although service was on the slow side, waiters were still extremely hospitable and welcoming. The environment was enjoyable so waiting a little longer for a meal wasn’t really an issue. Parking was easy and the restaurant is very accessible.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants a fun and casual meal with family and friends.

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