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Taylor Swift Ticketmaster Scandal

By Emily Anastacio

When Taylor Swift announced her Eras Tour, it broke the internet, and soon enough, broke Ticketmaster. Millions of people were applying for presale trying to find any way to secure tickets, comparing this process to undergoing several bear attacks. Unfortunately, most of the efforts proved to be futile.

Over the two days of pre-sale, around 2.4 million tickets were sold while there were an estimated 14 million people on the site attempting to get tickets. The issues in this sale continued to worsen when Ticketmaster was no longer able to handle the immense flow of people. This caused the site to crash and brought many people’s chances of getting tickets down to zero. After pre-sale, Ticketmaster sold many more tickets than anticipated, forcing them to cancel general sale and leaving fans and Swift in dismay.

Swift later posted a statement on her social media expressing her frustration towards Ticketmaster and their inability to handle the demand. Swift says, “It's really difficult for me to trust an outside entity with these relationships and loyalties and excruciating for me to just watch mistakes happen with no recourse.” It is clear that this ticket sale did not turn out the way it was intended to, leaving fans enraged and causing Ticketmaster to get an extreme amount of backlash.

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