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Support the Marching Band!

By Joanna Falisi

The Marching Band at White Plains High School is one of its most unique and defining activities. Each year, eager middle school musicians hope that they, too, can join this group filled with promising young musicians and fun, spirited, uplifting morale. The White Plains City school district places a great emphasis on music, artistry and creativity starting from a young age. Thus, the performances and showcases performed by the Marching Band and all other musical groups at the high school perfectly represent what WPHS believes is truly important in young people’s lives.

The Marching Band is famously known for their chant of “Half Time, Game Time” after their half-time performances at WPHS football games. This year, the WPHS Marching Band marched to classics such as "Sweet Caroline" and "Bohemian Rhapsody," to name a few, during the half-time performance. Speaking on behalf of my fellow band peers, I can confidently say that the best part of marching is the moment the crowd erupts with claps and cheers once the drill has finished and our formation has been created. The Homecoming game this year had one of the biggest turnouts of parents, students and faculty members, giving the Marching Band a wonderful opportunity to showcase their unique talents for all to see.

Despite the football season coming to an end, the Marching Band continues to perform. Recently, we marched at the City of White Plains Halloween parade and at the commemoration of the Battle of White Plains at the Purdy House. Furthermore, we plan to march at the White Plains Tree Lighting ceremony this winter, and will continue as the Symphonic Band throughout the year.

Come support the White Plains Marching Band at our next event to show your White Plains pride!

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