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Students Advocate for the Earth

--By Lauren Elmer

The Advocates for the Earth club at WPHS organized a climate change protest on October 4th to support similar protests around the globe. Over 1,000 students participated in the walk-out with spoken support from faculty members. Students came prepared with signs and chants to make their point. 

Club member Lenny Lester Balarezo was able to talk to the presidents of Advocates for the Earth. When asked why they decided that this protest was necessary, Gabby Abato stated, “We are trying to advocate for the preservation of our environment. In hopes of seeing the continuation of human life.” Co-President Julia Hricay also said, “It is important for the high schools to take action now, They will be the leaders of our future and we have to start working now to preserve the earth.” These outspoken young leaders have started a movement at the high school, so let’s watch and see where it leads. 

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