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State Schools, Private Schools, and Distance Learning

By Melanie Schwartz

State schools are an excellent option for some students. However, after this year’s pandemic and crisis, they may be the only choice.

In the past, students have had variety of colleges to choose from. Public or private, people had a choice about the kind of school where they wished to spend the next four years of their lives making memories to last a lifetime. However, private schools have always been more expensive than state schools. It was up to the student what they were willing or able to pay. Even with scholarships, some private institutions are extremely expensive.

This year, schools have transitioned from the normal ways of delivering college instruction to virtual learning. Before, college was about academics, meeting people, and growing as a person. Due to online school, people are now unsure. Students are questioning themselves: Was it worth it to spend this much money to learn from a computer in my own bedroom? For the class of 2021, this new reality plays a huge role. Why pay thousands of dollars per year just to have to learn from your childhood room?

This is where state schools come in. A State University of New York (SUNY) school costs significantly less than many private schools. As a result, they attract many people. State schools may get even more competitive for the class of 2021, as money is a prominent issue. If the pandemic, job losses, and distance learning were to continue into the fall or longer, students may feel that paying for a private institution is not worth it and they may opt for less expensive state university. It's certainly something to consider.

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