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Standardized Testing Advice

By Lauren Azrin When it comes to standardized testing, it’s hard to know when to start and where to start, so here’s a short summary of how to figure it out. There are two major tests that students choose to take: the SAT and the ACT. One major difference between the two is timing; the ACT has many more questions in a short term amount of time, which is something to definitely consider. Also, the ACT has a science section with chart and graph interpretations. Additionally, the SAT has a no-calculator section while the ACT allows you to use a calculator the whole time. I think the best idea is to take a practice or diagnostic test in both, available online, before choosing one. Once you take both you will be able to see which one you feel most comfortable with and which one you do better on. Essentially, you will figure out which is "your test." Once you choose, there are many free practice courses available online, as well as a multitude of review books to choose from. You can take the test anytime from the spring of your junior year to the fall of your senior year. Also, a great thing about these standardized tests is that most colleges allow score choice or super scoring, so you can choose between different sections on the test to create your best score. This makes taking it more than once worth it and also puts less pressure on you each time you take it. Just make sure not to put too much pressure on yourself for these tests and to practice a lot so you feel confident and prepared when you go to take it. Good luck Tigers!

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