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Softball Winter Clinic At WPHS

By: Kayla Brogan and Emily Anastacio

The White Plains High School softball program has begun a clinic running through the winter months, led by head coach Chris Rowan.

The softball winter clinic at White Plains High School will run through the months December – February and will allow for modified, JV, and varsity athletes to develop their skills. The softball program at White Plains High School has certainly upheld a strong legacy for the past 27 years as the varsity head coach Ted O’Donnell led the team to many victories. This past year O’Donnell retired and walked away from the softball field, ending his coaching career.

Since last season marked the end of an era, there was a big void to fill for the head coach of the softball program. Fortunately, Chris Rowan, who has been the assistant coach of the program for the last 10 years and worked under Coach OD’s guidance, has been hired for the head coach role. Coach Chris intends to follow in the big footsteps left behind by Coach OD. He explained that this is a crucial year in transitioning the program, hence starting the clinic. The clinic will

enable both high school and middle school girls that take part in the White Plains softball program to develop both their skills and endurance to take with them on the field this spring season. There will be chances to develop both hitting and fielding skills.

The clinic will run on Saturdays throughout the winter months in preparation for a successful high school season.

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