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Small World with Small Cakes

A Review of Small Cakes Bakery in Scarsdale

By: Savannah Williams

Calling Small Cakes "just a bakery" is a good way to understate the uniqueness of this place. Only open since 2008, it now has 98 locations in 19 states. They’ve blown up in the course of 11 years.

Their store does not compare to your normal bakery. With 14 flavors, they know how to wake up your mouth and wow your world. Not only do they offer cupcakes but ice cream, as well. Their Fruity Pebble ice cream will be your breakfast at night. The way they know how and which flavors to combine is impressive! Their cupcakes and cakes vary in color and design, which makes them look so beautiful and also fun to eat. Sometimes, you may not even want to ruin the art in your hand, but what’s the flavor in that?

These small cakes have made a big impact wherever they’ve landed and make people come back wanting more. Another plus is they also have cakes for your pet, so they are animal friendly. They have cakes designed and flavors created for events and holidays throughout the year. Their website is very user friendly. Their shop décor is warm, and the staff is very friendly. It’s such a positive and fun way to get dessert.

Address: 749 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale, NY 10583

Phone: (914) 713-3971

THE SPACE A very comforting and welcoming environment. Nice space and beautiful decoration.

THE CROWD Not always big, but that doesn’t mean their baking isn’t great. Business isn’t slow; I’d say they have their days, but their staff is friendly and their kitchen never hectic.

THE BILL Cupcakes are very affordable. It only depends on what you want and how many you want. The cost is $3.75 For a large cupcake, $36 for a medium dozen, and $33 for two dozen small cupcakes.

WHAT WE LIKED The welcoming smell and positivity walking into the shop, pink walls, and great decorations.

IF YOU GO Get the wedding cake cupcake or red velvet; they are worth the price.

RATING Don’t miss, don’t underestimate the name, Great Small cakes can take the world!!

Savannah Williams is a senior in Ms. LoScalzo's Journalism class.

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