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Senior Tyana Thompson is City of White Plains Youth of the Year

By Mary O'Callaghan

This November, WPHS Senior Tyana Thompson was awarded City of White Plains Youth of the Year 2021. As highlighted by this prestigious honor, Tyana is an incredibly active part of the White Plains community, especially as a Youth Court member.

How did Tyana become interested in Youth Court? She said, “I got involved with Youth Court because I wanted an insight in the legal system to see if it interested me, only to realize when joining Youth Court I was helping deter juvenile delinquency and helping promote restorative justice.” Her favorite part about Youth Court are the things that she has learned about law and all of the amazing opportunities she has been offered, including various internships and the chance to meet District Attorney Miriam E. Roach.

It is clear that Tyana is passionate about helping the community in any way she can, and this is reflected in her future career interests. She said, “In the future, I plan to pursue a career in law. I plan to become a criminal justice lawyer or corporate. I have also thought about becoming an ADA, or assistant district attorney.”

Tyana is grateful to many who have helped her achieve success: “I would like to thank the White Plains Youth Bureau for having Youth Court as a program. I would not be able to have the opportunity of winning the award if it wasn’t because of Youth Court. I would also like to thank Ms. Connie Jones-Hairston for being an outstanding Youth Court Program Coordinator. I am extremely grateful for my mother who encouraged me to join Youth Court.”

WPHS is extremely proud of Tyana and everything she has worked so hard to achieve. Congratulations, Tyana, and keep up the great work!

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