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Senior Thursdays Bring Cheer

By Melanie Schwartz

This is not the way seniors envisioned their final months of high school. Not only are they at home during what is this supposed to be the most exciting and fun semester of their whole schooling experience, seniors are missing out on events they have looked forward to their whole lives, including graduation and prom.

The senior class, along with G.O., created events to be held every Thursday night to celebrate the seniors. Because people are unable to touch and must maintain a distance of a least six feet, these events are drive-thru. This means each senior pulls up in a car, gets some sort of snack, and continues driving. These events were created with the hope of providing a way for seniors to be acknowledged for their successes.

A line of seniors in cars, coming to pick up a special treat and take part in the event.

From 5-7 pm, students arrive at their designated time. Teachers, along with the police department, come out in order to cheer and wave to the students they miss.

All people attending wear masks, and all parents and teachers stand at cones, which are socially distanced from one another. The event is contactless.

All in all, the events to this point have been a great success. Each one had a different theme, giving students a chance to dress up one last time.

If you are a senior, come join your class Thursday, June 4, between 5-7 for the last Senior Thursday of the school year!

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