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Sean Kilpatrick Jersey Retirement

By Adam Malev

On January 12, White Plains High School retired the number of 2008 White Plains alumni and current shooting guard on the Los Angeles Clippers, Sean Kilpatrick. White Plains High School paid tribute to Kilpatrick’s accomplishments in a ceremony prior to a game against Ketcham. The ceremony included a Sean Kilpatrick t-shirt giveaway, speeches from Kilpatrick’s friends and relatives, and a statement that Kilpatrick sent expressing his appreciation for the ceremony in his honor. Kilpatrick could not attend the event because of a conflict in his NBA schedule, but he was grateful to Coach Mayfield for organizing the event honoring Kilpatrick. I had the opportunity to talk to Co

ach Mayfield about the jersey retirement.

Adam: “What made Sean Kilpatrick worthy of being the first White Plains High School basketball player to get his jersey retired?”

Coach Mayfield: “To reach the height that he reached, to reach the NBA level, it’s quite remarkable. Not too many people can do that and his outstanding accomplishment is what I thought was worthy of being retired. He’s a player that I coached and there’s one other person who we’re looking into [retiring the jersey of at a later time]”

Adam: Can I ask who the other player is who you’re thinking of retiring?

Coach: No. I have to do all the research first I heard he played for the Boston Celtics.

Adam: What would you say to White Plains basketball players who aspire to be like Sean Kilpatrick?

Coach: You have to put a tremendous amount of work in, you have to have some perseverance, you can’t give up. You have to really put the time and the work in, both academically and athletically.

Adam: What differentiated Sean from the other players while he played for you in high school?

Coach: Obviously he was at a high skill level. He was experienced beyond his years. He did things that high school kids didn’t do like reading defenses, knowing how to score, and knowing how to read screens and things of that nature he was far advanced for his age level.

Adam: Alright thanks Coach!

Coach: Anything for you *laughs*

In addition to his successes in the NBA, Sean has not forgot about his hometown. Just last year he opened up a smoothie place called the Juice Lab on Mamaroneck Avenue where he sometimes hangs out during the offseason. I reached out to Sean for an interview but he was not available due to his hectic NBA schedule. On behalf of everybody at White Plains High School congratulations!

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