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Sci-Fi Club End of the Year Highlights

By Colleen Cave

Sci-Fi club has had an amazing close to the school year. The club facilitated many fundraising efforts the fourth quarter in order to attend “Back to the Future” on Broadway with Theatre Unlimited Club. The two clubs joined forces to attend the show free of charge for students on April 25th. The show was both campy and science fiction, an appropriate combination for both clubs that attended.

Sci-Fi club ended April with a school wide Super Smash Bros. tournament in the Media Center. The winners were granted gift cards, and many students came dressed for the event in Mario related attire. Perhaps most notable was Elyse Sandler, who built and wore a very impressive Bowser costume.

The club closed the month of May with a combination of members’ choice and gaming. Members have collaborated to play a variety of games both digitally and physically. Some club favorites have been Dungeons & Dragons and Mario Kart. The club is looking forward to next year's events and trips.

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