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Review: The Pamplemousse Project—The Cozy Coffee Shop White Plains Desperately Needed  

By Eva Mandelbaum

WHITE PLAINS NY—If you’ve been looking for a cozy cafe with the ambiance (and free Wi-Fi) perfect for doing work or even just hanging out, look no further. The Pamplemousse Project formally opened on Dec. 5, and it has already sparked plenty of excitement among the White Plains community, as evident by the over 500 Instagram followers that it has garnered over the past month.  

It’s no surprise that it’s become as popular as it has, as from ethically sourced coffee beans to a full line of chocolates, The Pamplemousse Project truly has something for everyone. Candies line a wall, croissants from New York City bakeries sit in a case, and the coffee smells and tastes fresh and delicious.  The shop feels comforting, inviting, and homey. Signs that say “White Plains” and “Coffee for the Community” are bolted to the wall. Baristas greet you with a kind smile. And all proceeds go back to the White Plains community.  

The shop was opened by Lydia and Gary Kris, two long-time White Plains residents who hope to bring joy to the community in the form of coffee. The couple noticed the difficulty that many organizations have had fundraising since the beginning of the pandemic, and they hope that through the coffee shop, they will be able to give back, including by serving as a resource for White Plains Public Schools and the White Plains Youth Bureau.  According to their website, The goal of the Pamplemousse Project is to “become a community hub and joyful gathering place and to bring a spirit of fun to our customers and community.” Barely a month into business, they have already achieved this goal. 

As soon as I walked into The Pamplemousse Project, the setting alone told me all I needed to know. A wave of positive energy and the smell of fresh coffee seemingly washed over me the second I stepped foot inside. People were playing games, laughing, and chatting. I noticed that one family had even brought their dog. And the coffee and pastries were fresh and delicious. 

One of the unique treats they sell is an everything bagel croissant, and I can say with confidence that it is incredible. Biting into it felt like biting into a flavorful bagel with a sweetly surprising punch of cheesy cream inside. They also serve a variety of other croissants, candies, cookies, and of course, coffee that is handcrafted to perfection.  

The coffee shop is located at 124 Mamaroneck Ave, and it is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

daily. Knowing that each fresh cup of coffee you drink and delicious pastry you eat is going right back to White Plains, including the high school itself, makes it impossible to feel anything but adoration for The Pamplemousse Project. And if you still don’t believe it? Stop by and try it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did. 


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