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Review: Songwriter's Showcase Rocks

By Gaby Maldonado

On January 21st and 22nd, the Songwriter’s Club hosted its 22nd Annual Winter Original Showcase in the Little Theater. With the crowd filled with parents, friends, and music lovers all looking to find their new favorite song, students did not disappoint.

“Everybody worked really hard writing songs and it’s difficult sometimes, it’s a very vulnerable task,” said committee member, Christian Sese. “You can see the passion and all of the work that everybody’s put in, you can hear it in every single song,” added Zoe Gopoian.

There were some performances that were so energetic they made the audience feel like they were at a concert. A few of the club members even created mini mosh pits while people were performing. Other songs had softer but equally good melodies. These performances created peaceful atmospheres with gentle and pleasant tones.

One of the first performances that I really enjoyed was Jace Melendez’s song “Paper Flowers in a Sea of Stars.” It was Jace’s first showcase with the club and she truly shined on stage. I really loved her performance and the thing that most stood out to me was that she included Spanish lyrics in her acoustic song. It was sweet-sounding, and I would definitely add it to my playlist.

Another song I loved was Sabrina Mondschein’s song “Stop the World for You,” which she performed with Matt Welling on the cajon. When asked about the making of her original piece, Sabrina explained, “When I was writing this song, the lyrics just came to me based on the emotions I was feeling at that time. The last part that I completed was the bridge, which I wanted to really encapsulate the feeling of intensity and the deep longing for the ‘teenage dream'." The beautiful melody and heartfelt lyrics of Sabrina's acoustic song created a magical ambience, leaving me eager to hear more of her music.

Furthermore, James Liu Silverstein and Malisa Trueblood performed a harmonious sweet-toned song that left a smile on everyone's face. I was completely taken away by the beautiful melody of “Origami Frogs” and found joy in every note they sang. It was enjoyable listening to this golden love song, and the gentle guitar picking added a lot to the experience.

Finally, one of the most impactful songs of the showcase was Gabe Korin’s “Chrysalises and Cocoons” performed with Liam Crooks on the cajon. Before performing Gabe explained, “The metaphor of butterflies and moths have to do with the sublime and vice and my relationship with them as I’ve grown through these four years at White Plains High School.” Throughout his performance, he rapped about his emotions, obstacles, and relationships, leaving everyone in awe. His performance was an inspiring display of passion and vulnerability, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in the theater. Applause poured in for him, and it was well deserved.

These are only a few of the wonderful songs that were performed at the showcase, but everyone had amazing pieces. Each piece was unique and captivating, highlighting the immense musical.

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