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Restaurant Review: Serafina

By Joshua Lehman

Serafina is an Italian Style restaurant located in downtown White Plains, NY. The food is sensational and will leave you wanting more, but your bank account will say otherwise.

When you enter Serafina you are immediately taken by the spectacular art on the walls, the impressive bar located in the front of the restaurant, and the massive oven, where you can watch the chef prepare your pizza. This creates an Italian vibe that you can’t get anywhere else in White Plains. Serafina is not too big but not too small, making it a great place to have a peaceful meal.

There is a plethora of different types of foods on the menu, including, meats, fish, salads, and Italian dishes such as, pizza, lasagna, and endless amount of pastas, and a desert menu out of this world. The fan favorite dish is the Lasagne al Forno, a lasagna cooked with mozzarella cheese, noodles, and vegetables mixed together served with marinara sauce, which creates a rich, and creamy flavor that you can’t forget. Another tasty dish is Gnocchi di Mamma. It contains homemade gnocchi served with fresh tomato sauce and fresh basil. If you’re a meat lover, this is the place for you. Serafina serves dishes such as grilled steak, baby lamb chops marinated in an herb bouquet of rosemary and garlic, and a beef paillard served with vegetables and mashed potatoes.

Although the food is spectacular, the price and the portions of the food are not customer friendly. Every meat dish on the menu is over twenty dollars, and the portion is not the most generous. The pasta dishes prices range from about twelve to twenty dollars, and the pizzas are personal sized that range between fifteen to thirty dollars. Is this the price you really want to be paying for a meal? You might not get any better Italian food in White Plains, but you can get a better price pretty much anywhere else.

Yet, the service is superb. The waiters and waitresses are very attentive. They explain Items on the menu thoroughly without having to go back to the kitchen to ask the chef what the ingredients are in a dish. They check constantly making sure everything with the meal is to your liking. The only problem is you might not be able to give them the hefty tip they deserve, because the check for the food will leave your pockets dry.

Despite the overpriced dishes, and the limited portions, Serafina is a great place to treat yourself to a very fancy and outstanding meal. You might be walking out needing a loan from the bank, but the high quality food is worth it.

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