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Reggio Commits to STAC

--by Guerdyna Gelin

After a long recruitment process that consisted of visiting numerous schools and being in contact with various coaches, senior Julia Reggio, 16-season varsity athlete, (who has remarkably played on 3 varsity sports since 8th grade), has committed to the Division II institution of St. Thomas Aquinas College for basketball on a full athletic scholarship.

“I chose STAC for a a few reasons. I love the location, size, and vibe of the school. I had a great connection to the basketball coaches, and the team is amazing,” Reggio said.

Reggio, who also plays varsity soccer and varsity lacrosse, found her passion for basketball as a second grader. Her dedication to basketball has only expanded throughout the years, and she says, “I knew a big piece of me would be missing if I didn’t play in college.”

This is a big stepping-stone for Reggio, who encompasses a passionate nature and a tireless work ethic.

“I look to my coaches and teammates to lift me up and motivate me to keep going and do better everyday. Everyone who surrounds me, my family, friends, and teammates, motivate me every day to be the best I can be.”

Due to Reggio’s passion for sports as a whole, she could possibly play another sport during her years at St. Thomas Aquinas College. Reggio says, “I want to see if I can handle the academic workload and basketball first.”

Reggio also received offers from colleges such as Roberts Wesleyan College, Queens College, College of Staten Island and many more!

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