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Phase One Provides a Light at the End of the Tunnel

By Lauren Azrin

This week marks the start of Phase One reopening for Westchester County, as well as many surrounding counties. The Phase system includes small and careful steps that will slowly begin the journey back towards “normal.”

The changes occurring in Phase One include construction, manufacturing, and some non-essential retail businesses being able to open for curbside pickup. It also includes the reopening of wholesale trade and agricultural businesses.

An additional component of this phase includes putting together an army of contact tracers that will help to identify anyone who was in contact who someone who tests positive for the virus. However, the governor has indicated that many more are still needed in order for the process to be optimally successful.

Although these changes may not affect much of our daily lives just yet, it signals the beginning of the process with light at the end of the tunnel. Governor Cuomo had indicated that without any sudden increase or inability to continue meeting criteria, Phase Two could begin in as early as two weeks, which includes retail and real estate.

Phase Three includes restaurants and food services, and Phase Four includes arts, entertainment, recreation, and education. Although it may take time to get to this later phases, it gives us hope that there will be an end and that good things are to come.

There are some places you can still go if you’re feeling antsy in the house, like drive-in movies, which reopened in the area last weekend, beaches in the area that have started to open (as long as you social distance!), and even outdoor dining in Connecticut (which isn’t too far). Getting out, while being safe, can help keep yourself sane and occupied.

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