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Peer Tutoring Available for WP Students

By Melanie Schwartz

This is a difficult time for students. Teachers are assigning the same amount of work for each class, if not more. Students may be feeling overwhelmed or confused. A group of students from White Plains High School came together to create “WP Peer Tutoring,” a non-profit organization that is offering free tutoring to students in elementary, middle, and high school.

From elementary math to BC Calculus, WP Peer Tutoring has it covered. One of the founders, Sakshi Gawde, had the idea by experiencing a struggle of her own. She says “I first-hand experienced the struggles of trying to keep up with my school work. Teacher office hours weren’t enough. I saw that my other friends were struggling as well and in hopes to help them out, I came up with the idea. With lots of help from so many people, we were able to start a program that we hope will help everyone during these difficult times.”

Sakshi, along with the other tutors, want to limit the impact school closures have on learning. If you are struggling, or simply just want some help, go to The steps are easy: choose a subject and a tutor that fits the help you need and the time you want.

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