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Parlez-Vous Francais? Join the French Club!

By: Olivia Perretto

The French club at WPHS explores the francophone world and its culture, traditions, and language. It is run by Madame Sands and Madame Calkins this year.

The French club meets every Monday to participate in a variety of activities inspired by French culture including playing traditional French board and card games, listening to French music, making and selling French food, watching French media, and learning about French history.

Since COVID-19 restrictions began to relax midway through last year, the French club was able to fundraise at multiple school events by selling handmade bracelets and creating holiday cards for people in nursing homes. The French Club also volunteered at Ridgeway elementary school’s arts and crafts event and went to NYC to see Aladdin on Broadway.

The French club provides students with an accepting and welcoming environment, team-building activities, and numerous opportunities to get involved in their community.

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