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Photo Essay: Our Pandemic, Nature's Reset

by Sam Keegan

Due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, the world has been forced into isolation in order to slow the spread and flatten the curve. The coronavirus has left over 300,000 people dead, with nearly five million confirmed cases worldwide. It has taken a major toll on everyone, including those who have shown no signs of symptoms. However, as humankind is experiencing recessions in all aspects, nature is prospering.

With schools, businesses, and restaurants closed and people working from home, there is significantly less travel. There are no cruises, minimal flights, and fewer cars on the road, which is a significant reduction of fossil fuels consumption. These past few months have given our environment a chance to recover from the effects of global warming and climate change. With the awakening of spring, the air seems crisper, the sky clearer, and animals have begun venturing back to human spaces.

Many scientists have theorized a doomsday scenario within the next century due to the stress humans have put on the Earth. Yet, if the environment can use these times before any major reopening, the planet would take phenomenal strides towards being suitable for life thousands of years into the future. No one expected that a reversal of our harmful habits, which have cost the integrity of our planet, could be achieved in such a short time, and it is something that cannot be taken for granted.

The visible changes in the environment that can be seen in every setting must be a sign to people that our way as must change. We must convert to clean energy, reduce our carbon footprints, be less wasteful, and take any steps necessary to keep our world healthy. Nature’s rebound during quarantine may be one of the only beams of light to shine through the dark cloud that is Covid-19. It turns out, Mother Nature does love us after all.

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