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Opinion: Crowded Buses Create Challenges

By Alisha Ahmed

It is not the greatest feeling in the world to arrive at your bus stop and discover that you'll be sharing a seat with two other individuals. For many WPHS students, this scenario has become an everyday occurrence.

A WPHS junior indicated her view on the buses by saying, “Within a few minutes after the bell rings, almost every seat on the bus is taken. Kids are forced to stand or sit on the floor. There are too many kids assigned to one bus, with nearly 50 kids.”

We are still in the middle of a pandemic, and keeping social distance on the bus is impossible, especially if you have to squeeze into a seat that's already filled. A sophomore student recently gave their opinion on this issue by saying, “There are too many kids and not enough seats. They need more buses because the buses are so cramped which isn’t safe, especially during a pandemic.” The student further stated that she does not feel safe riding the bus because not everyone is vaccinated. Furthermore, people frequently sit on the floor or stand on the bus, which is unsafe to do in a moving vehicle and can result in incidents that land students in the hospital.

Because for some students, buses are their sole mode of transportation, finding a solution is vital. Buses should be dependable, and students should not have to worry about finding a seat or racing to catch the bus as soon as the bell rings.

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