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New WPHS Weight Throw Record

By Guerdyna Gelin

Jackson McCormick, a junior athlete on the varsity Track and Field team, broke the White Plains High School weight throw record with a throw of 36’2”, breaking the previous record by more than 5’.

McCormick, who prepares for meets by going to practice everyday, works with Coach Hildago, the thrower's coach. In addition, he also works out in the weight room, and has incorporated summer lifts into his training. Breaking this record serves as his reminder that hard work does eventually pay off and lead to success.

“Going into the meet, I felt confident. At first I didn’t realize a break I broke the record, but after I realized that I did I couldn’t stop smiling,” McCormick says.

McCormick also specializes in other throws such as the shot put and discus throw. He is heavily inspired by his father, Lamont McCormick, the sprint coach at White Plains High School, who pushes him to be to the best he can be everyday. In the near future, he aspires to beat his own record again, setting one that will be unbreakable for a long time.

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