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Much Ado about Theatre Unlimited

By: Olivia Perretto

Theatre Unlimited has struck again with their rendition of William Shakespeare’s "Much Ado About Nothing," an age-old story about love, comedy, misunderstanding, and character. The hardworking cast and crew was comprised of our very own WPHS students who spent the first month of the school year perfecting their characters and building the show from the ground up.

Theatre Unlimited is for theatre enthusiasts with the goal of sharing the joy of theatre. It provides students with an interest in the performing arts the space to learn and grow, regardless of experience.

Every Friday after school, Theatre Unlimited meets in the LittleTheater to play classic theatre games like Zip Zap Zop and Park Bench, share acting, dancing, singing, and directing opportunities, and thanks to the hard work of the club officers, plans trips to see performances live. On October 15, Theatre Unlimited went on a phenomenal trip to see ‘The Prom’ at our very own White Plains Performing Arts Center. Students had the opportunity to stay after the show to talk to the cast/crew and ask questions.

Theatre Unlimited also organizes several live performances every year. There is a play every quarter of the school year in addition to one grand blowout musical. Last year's performance of "Little Shop of Horrors" was a town-wide success; the student cast, band, and crew stole the hearts of the audience with their show after months of rehearsal.

Come join us every Friday in the Little Theater for a fun opportunity to explore the performing arts (no experience necessary)!

Theatre Unlimited allows students to get involved in their community and learn essential theatre, public speaking, and team building skills. Stay tuned for upcoming auditions for the winter play and spring musical this November. We hope to see you there!

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