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Lombardo's Pizza – Comfortable yet Classy Restaurant where Pizza isn't the Only Dish that Excites

By Lauren Azrin

The wooden tables, shelves lined with timbered crates with "Lombardo's" neatly stamped in black ink onto the front, mahogany booths, and silver rimmed chairs all give this restaurant a fresh and welcoming vibe. The crimson walls are covered with metal decorations that give it a sophisticated, yet youthful look. From the ceiling hangs round chandeliers that bring the restaurant to life.

Lombardo's Pizza has everything a family could want -- a variety of cocktails, takeout, and a jam-packed menu with an assortment of choices from pizzas to calzones, pastas to paninis, and soups to salads. Though some of the menu items are a little pricey, the overall experience and warmth make it worth the few extra dollars.

The restaurant has comfortable seating with a variety of booths, round and square tables, and seats at the bar. The drinks came right away from our attentive waiter, who was always on the watch to see if anyone needed a refill. We were never rushed out and socialized way after we had licked our plates clean.

The mozzarella sticks were coated in a crispy breading with a crunch followed by an outpouring of angelic, creamy cheese sprinkled with perfectly balanced spices. They can be eaten on their own or dipped in a side of Pomodoro sauce for an enhanced bite exploding with flavor. The garlic knots came wrapped in tinfoil to preserve their freshness. It was clear that they had just taken them out of the oven and placed them on our table. The garlic knots had a soft, delicate bite into a fluffy role that incorporated many different flavors. Some of the spices were too overpowering, but overall, they were infused with impeccable spice combinations.

The main dish of the night, pizza, did not disappoint. The sauce had a tangy sweetness to it, unlike any other pizzas I have had before. The pillow crust was blanketed with a creamy cheese that surfed on the

seasoned sauce right into our mouths. For desert, the warm, delicate lava cake was heavenly. When we cut into the middle with our forks, decadent milk chocolate seeped out, leaving a sugary trace on our plates that was so enticing, we couldn't resist spooning up every bite. The chilling, creamy vanilla bean ice cream paired perfectly with the cake's gooey warmth, and the foamy whipped cream on top pulled the whole dish together, making it exquisite and perfectly balanced.

This restaurant is a great setting for large groups, who can easily be accommodated. Despite its popularity, Lombardo's is spacious enough to accommodate walk-in diners, unless you are a part of a large group, in which making a reservation might be helpful.

One downfall to this restaurant’s experience, is that it has much too small of a parking lot for all of its customers. For that reason, they usually provide free valet parking to fit all the cars, which is the best option for parking at a busy time.

Lombardo's is a great place to eat with family or with friends, whether it’s a special occasion or just the need for a delicious dinner out of the house. When I celebrated my birthday there, the whole restaurant lit up to sing me happy birthday as soon as the waiter came around to our table with my desert cheering the song. Everyone was eager to take part, and the whole crowd just makes you feel very at home. The feel and environment of Lombardo's is positive, welcoming, and very comfortable. The waiters are all extremely friendly and service is relatively quick. Dress is casual.

Rating: Very Good

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