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Lockers: Use Them Or Lose Them?

By Gabriel Bernstein

In our White Plains community, many aspiring high school students are reconsidering the real use of our locker privileges. While some may believe that our school lockers can become useful in the span of our educational careers, many are turning these lockers into obsolete objects with no real purpose other than to exist in our school hallways. With so many students using solely their backpacks to get from class to class, people are wondering what the next step will be for our “precious” school lockers.

One student described these lockers as unsanitary and inefficient. “It’s more of a sanitation problem because it becomes rather difficult to clean out the lockers with our custodians every day,” said one of the many students against the use of our everyday lockers. “We could turn all of this locker area into a place for notifications for our clubs. There are information boards around the school however, they are mostly filled up. It might be better to have more of these around the school instead of lockers.”

Before COVID-19, our high school had funded money towards new and improved lockers for students to use. With the unexpected nature of the pandemic, many are concerned with the possible consequences that come with using our lockers, giving students some pause about what we decide to store in them. With most of the student population refusing to use the school lockers, it might be possible to direct our funding on other necessities for the school, such as better sanitation conditions, updated gym equipment, and healthier choices of food in the cafeteria. All of these options would lead to a beneficial and healthier lifestyle for the student body.

While many believe in the choice to dispense with school lockers, some are still hesitant to reforming. “What would the purpose be of a high school? I feel like lockers are a staple to the high school. What is a bedroom without a bed? This high school needs lockers,” said Christopher Levine, a student who continuously uses their locker in the high school. “I use the locker as a reliable source to hold my things instead of lugging them around.” It is evident that we cannot ignore the evidence here. Despite many thoughts and opinions regarding the disposal of these lockers, lockers are known throughout history as a school necessity, and it is always possible for them to become more convenient in the future.

One website known as is known for making locks to create a secure environment within schools such as ours. They describe lockers as a necessity to formulate the proper school environment because the school locker builds responsibility with their users. They also contribute to other important aspects of our lives such as our privacy, health, and safety.

“Giving students a safe space to store their things when they are not needed will help lighten the load and alleviate many health concerns. Being free from any bothersome aches and pains will also help students focus their attention on their studies.” Clearly, lockers could have more uses than what many suspect. Despite this, it might prove difficult to persuade others on the many conceivable uses of lockers.

Thus, lockers could prove both useful and useless. Many opinions and facts exist on the topic. Where do you stand on the locker question?

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