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"Little Women" Inspires

By Lauren Azrin

At a time of the Me Too movement and a boom of feminist ideas, "Little Women’s" message is just as prominent as it was in a time of female oppression in the story’s setting of the civil war. The story follows a family of four close knit sisters growing up in poverty and wartime, and develops as a story of growth and losses of innocence.

What struck me the most about the movie was the emphasis on the importance of females' individual ambitions despite their need to rely on marriage to accomplish something in life. The main sister, Jo, is played by Saoirse Ronan, whose phenomenal performance screams determination and individuality.

Even after having not seen any of the past films, I left the theater feeling empowered and determined to believe in myself and follow my passions like the four sisters did. I definitely recommend this inspiring film for anyone who appreciates the power of a strong screenplay and spot-on acting.

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